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Before I share any of my tips for saving money with groceries, please understand my COUPON DISCLAIMER:

In my years of research, I have come to the understanding that many Frugal Family Feeders can save a lot of money by using coupons or shopping at great discounts stores, etc. Particularly in the US where some stores have double coupon days, or where coupons can be used together with other sales and deals. This is not so in my part of the world. It has been my experience that coupons RARELY save me money for the following reasons:

1. I have yet to find a coupon that a store will accept together with another coupon or sale or deal.

2. I have yet to find a coupon that is for a generic store-brand or no-name product. Even with a really good coupon on a name-brand product, because I cannot use a coupon with other sales, it is STILL cheaper for me to purchase the item without a coupon by purchasing a store-brand equivalent.

This is not to say I will never use a coupon. I always have my eye out for a good one for a product that I use regularly. It’s just extremely rare that I find one that is of value to me.

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