Friday Frugality: A Confession (with Links)

My Frugal Friday tip today is basically a couple of newly-discovered links. However, I have to post these links along with a bit of a confession…

Upon your first visit to my blog, I’m sure you discovered my adamant rejection of the concept of using coupons, particularly here in Canada. While I still have NOT used many coupons in the last few years, and while I still DO NOT use coupons in my weekly menu-planning, I am SLOWLY, slowly, slowly becoming aware of the value of taking some time to at least CONSIDER coupons. The reasons being the following links:

2. Mrs.January

A dear friend (Hi, Lana!) told me about SmartCanucks a few weeks ago. I was skeptical. Granted, most of the deals posted are not food related, but they are still good. The thing that won me over was my friend’s FREE PIZZAs. Yes, dear Canadians, Lana was able to get FREE MEALS for her family with the use of coupons IN COMBINATION with a sale at Superstore! Two weeks ago, a coupon for Delissio pizzas was posted. It was $5 off. With that coupon, and Superstores $4.99 Delissio pizza sale, Lana was able to get her pizza for free! I did not think this kind of thing was possible in Canada, let alone here in Alberta! (Ontario, maybe. But here?! I was surprised.)

Then there is Mrs. January. I found her blog through a link from another completely-unrelated-to-food-and-frugality blog. Mrs.January is Canadian and she uses coupons to save money on groceries for her family. She even stockpiles and gets tons of stuff for free. Again, I did not think this was possible in Canada. And so, I must confess I am being won over and I fear I may have to eat my words one of these weeks and remove my “Coupon Disclaimer.”

I am going to keep it up until I’ve actually tried the stuff I’m learning from these two blogs, though. I want to have something to show for it, you know?

Anyway, part of being frugal is being open to try new things, to keep learning, and to make mistakes. Frugality is a skill that one can never master, I don’t think. So check out the blogs I posted, maybe try some of the suggestions you find there, and feel free to post about your discoveries!


One Response to Friday Frugality: A Confession (with Links)

  1. Susan says:

    Jana, I found your website through Sonlight and am glad you are back to posting! I am always interested in Canadian frugality sites as they are few and far between. The US ones are frustrating as we absolutely cannot do what they do coupon-wise.

    I discovered smartcanucks about a year ago and I cannot believe all the deals I have found and taken advantage of through them. Mrs January posts there; that is how I found her blog.

    I’m rather envious of you though, it would seem you might have London Drugs out your way? If you haven’t looked into that yet, you can stack coupons there and basically get stuff for free–how much fun that would be!

    Good luck on your latest adventure!

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