Friday Frugality – Cabbage


I almost forgot about Friday Frugality, so today you all get two posts for the price of one!

Cabbage. Cabbage is today’s tip. How many times have you purchased lettuce for salad only to discover it has wilted long before you’ve used it up? OR, have you made a salad that didn’t get finished and have to throw it out because it got wilted due to being cut/torn/or slathered in dressing? No more! Cabbage to the rescue!

I love to use cabbage for salads. I love the crunch – no matter what! I love that it lasts WAY longer in the fridge (or even just in the salad bowl) than actual lettuce. Not only that, it’s packed with far more nutrition than the average lettuce. AND, it’s WAY CHEAPER! You just can’t beat that!

If you don’t like regular green or purple cabbage, try Chinese or Napa cabbage instead. It’s a lot more lettuce like with all the benefits of regular cabbage!


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