Almond Apple Granola

This granola recipe is a nice change from my usual granola. It has no oil and no sugar at all, so it’s also a very healthy granola recipe. I also find it to be crunchier than most, and gets into bigger “clumps” or “clusters”, which some people like.

1-1/2 355mL cans frozen apple juice concentrate, thawed

1 tsp vanilla

1 cup chopped pitted dates

1 cup chopped dried apples (optional)

1 cup whole or sliced almonds

10 cups regular rolled oats

Combine juice and vanilla in a mixing bowl and add the dates and apples (if using). Let that stand for several hours, or overnight, to allow the dried fruit to soak up the liquid and plump up. Then, pour into a blender, along with the almonds, and blend until ground fine and smooth. Pour over the oatmeal and mix thoroughly. (I used my hands because it’s just way easier.) Spread in two cookie sheets and bake at 200* for 2-3 hours until quite dry, stirring every 30 minutes. The granola will get crispier as it cools off. If you want to, you can add more chopped dates in the last 30 minutes of cooking time, or you can just add some raisins or chopped dried apple or whatever you want once it has cooled.


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