One Ham – 20 Meals

Yes, I actually get 20 meals out of one ham. When ham is on sale, buy a big bone-in uncooked, but smoked, ham. (It’s possible around here to get a good size on sale for $20 or so, making this a source of protein for 20 meals at $1 per meal PER family. That’s cheap.) Bake it in your oven and use it for your first meal. Everyone gets a good slice. You might serve it with mashed potatoes and corn and applesauce for a traditional ham dinner. Use your favorite recipe and meal combination.

Let the ham cool. Then slice off the fat and discard it. Slice off all the meat. Leave a little bit on the bone. Use the ham bone to make Ham and Bean Soup. This soup is delicious! Make a big batch. This is good for about 3 hearty meals for us. Sometimes 4.

Now chop up all the rest of the ham. Cube it wherever possible. For oddly cut pieces, just chop it up into nice bite-sized chunks. Put these into ziplock freezer bags in portions of about 1-1/2 cups – 2 cups each. Use these portions for:

Quiche (one small package is enough for two regular quiche pies, making enough for two meals)

Scrambled Eggs (Use one small package and just add some ham to your scrambled eggs. You should be able to use one package for several breakfasts.)

Ham and Pineapple Pizza (One small package is enough for one hearty pizza and is enough for one supper and one lunch for my family. One large package can be stretched to cover two pizzas, making enough for two suppers and two lunches for my family, or for one meal when serving another family.)

Other soups

Macaroni and Cheese (Just add some ham for extra protein and a more gourmet flavor.)

Hash brown casserole (When you add ham, it makes a hearty main dish.)

Stuffed Corn Bread

Recipes to come….


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