Coffee Pick-Me-Up

I don’t tolerate too much caffeine very well – especially coffee. And yet, I love coffee. It is rare that I have it. The odd time, I treat myself to this Coffee Pick-Me-Up in the afternoon if I know I’ll be up late for some reason. It doesn’t affect my stomach as much with the grains in it, and it’s also more filling, so it’s a full-fledged snack. Or, you could have it for breakfast.

approx. 3/4 cup brewed coffee (I like it STRONG)

about 1/4 cup milk

about 1 tsp honey

a little less than 1/4 cup rolled oats

3-4 ice cubes

Place all in a blender in order listed and blend until well mixed and oats are ground. (If you have a regular blender, they will have a tendency to sink to the bottom, which can be disappointing, but what can you do? If you have a Vitamix, on the other hand, it will liquify those oats and you won’t even know they’re there!)


One Response to Coffee Pick-Me-Up

  1. Melodie Lemay says:

    Just tried this – so good!

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