Reviving Limp Celery

I just tried out a new trick and it worked! For years I have thrown out celery when it got limp and rubbery. NO MORE! It’s so simple. Place limp celery stalks into a sinkful of ice water overnight. In the morning, your celery stalks are like new! It really and truly works!

I have found that washing, taking the ends off, and cutting my celery into shorter sticks (about 3 inches in length) the day I get them at the grocery store helps them last longer. I put them in a ziplock bag after I cut them.


2 Responses to Reviving Limp Celery

  1. 14monthsto50 says:

    The same thing works with carrots that are rubbery and whitened and look dried out. 🙂 It happens because water leaves the vegetables and they lose what is called turgor pressure. Putting them back in water, they soak it up and the turgor pressure is restore. That’s your botany lesson for the day. lol

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