Outsmarting Grocery Pricing Trickery

– Pay very careful attention in the produce section. Notice the difference between prices listed as $_/each and $_/lb. Today, I had one leek on my grocery list. In the produce section of the store, leeks were all bundled in groups of three. Most people assume that the price posted above the leeks is for the whole bundle. NOT SO! The price posted was per pound! I only needed one leek, so I took apart a bundle and placed only one leek into my cart. And so I paid for only the one leek that I wanted! And I paid much less than I would have for the whole bundle, which I probably would have ended up forgetting about in my fridge and wasting! And one of my key mottos for keeping the grocery bill down is “Waste not, Want not!”

Make notes on your grocery list about what the exact sale item is (while looking through the store flyers). There are two main reasons for this:

1. At the store, you might find that what you thought you could buy on sale, is not always as it seems. For example, this week’s store flyer told me that Primo brand pasta was on sale for $1 per 454g package. With careful planning, and on a super tight budget, one might put one pasta package on the grocery list. However, when I arrived at the pasta aisle, there was not a single package of pasta smaller than 900g. The price of the 900g package WAS $2.00, which works out to the same thing as $1.00 per 454g, but the flyer was deceiving.

2. Sometimes, if you get to the store before they have posted the sale prices, you won’t know which brand is the one advertised at the sale price. Today, cans of tuna were listed in the flyer for $1 each. When I got to the store, they hadn’t posted the sale prices yet. There were three brands of tuna to choose from. I have been paying close attention to this store and its sales for a long time, so I had a pretty good idea of which cans were on sale,  but sometimes they get tricky. Other times, it might be only a specific type of product. One week, canned tuna was on sale, but it was only the cans that had garlic and herbs in them! Sneaky, sneaky!


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