Step 6: Go Shopping!

This is pretty straightforward. You’ve planned your shopping trip, so all you have to do is gather up your grocery bags (if you have reusable ones, which I highly recommend), and go! AND DON’T FORGET TO BRING YOUR LIST!

Your list is the key. The number one rule during grocery shopping is to STICK TO YOUR LIST! I cannot stress this enough. Don’t buy something extra just because you see it’s on sale and it seems like a good deal. If it’s not on your list, don’t buy it. No exceptions. If you’ve been diligent and careful on Steps 1-5, there will be no need to make exceptions to this rule!

The rest of your shopping trip is simple.

There are the usual pieces of advice, like shopping on a full stomach. There’s the common sense stuff, like saving the frozen foods for the end of your shopping spree.

One thing I like to do, just because I am a little bit compulsive about a few things, is to keep like products as close together in the cart as possible, and then when I’m putting it all on the counter at the till, it gets bagged together. I like to shop in this order: dry and canned goods (so they go on the bottom of the cart and don’t crush anything else), meat and dairy (heavier items, some can be stacked, usually compact or flat packaging), produce, then frozen stuff. Depending on how much I have to get, I sometimes get the frozen stuff right after the meat. It helps to keep the meat cold. Then, at the till, all the produce gets bagged first, then the frozen and meats and dairy, then the dry goods. It helps to keep the food in good shape until we get home. Then, at home, it’s quicker and easier to put things away.

And that’s it for shopping!

P.S. Save your receipts! You’ll eventually be glad!


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